Virtual Training

Live webinars for Employee Food Safety Training in Spanish or English covers the fundamentals of food safety: Time and Temperature control, employee personal hygiene, hand washing, glove usage, cross contamination, food borne illness prevention, proper cleaning and sanitation. The training is 2 hours and can be done in house by simply connecting a TV to an internet connection and steam the live webinar. Technical assistance is provided for the set up.

In house training is available for groups with a minimum of 10 people. Classes are taught in either Spanish or English and Certificate of participation is earned


Manager’s food safety certification is accepted in all 50 states and is the industry standard for management training. One day 8 hour course available on site. Manager receives a certification that is valid for 5 years and fulfills the manager on duty requirement that many jurisdictions require.


HACCP plans designed for compliance assistance on new construction and menu reviews. We work directly with your local health department to have plans reviewed and approved.

Training Manuals

Creation and translation of employee handbooks and company policies and procedures, SOPs and any instructional manual that helps employees understand their responsibilities and obligations. Understanding and assessing your needs is the first step in creating an effective training manual.