🇺🇸 The Team:
Jill Paradis:

Jill has been a certified ServSafe trainer since 2004. She has trained thousands of food service employees in the prevention of foodborne illness in Spanish and English.  She is passionate about education and teaching people how to keep foods safe and healthy. She believes that knowledge is power.  She has seen firsthand the struggles that many Spanish speakers face taking the class.  The traditional 8-hour training is hard for anyone to sit through, but especially hard if your job requires you to be on your feet in a fast paced environment.  She has found that Spanish speakers would benefit from a little extra time studying the ServSafe materials.  One aspect is the class content, it is a ton of information to digest in one day, the other, is the actual nuts and bolts of taking the test, understanding how to fill in the scantron.  This preparation course is live and virtual.
 “I have seen many people have to retest and feel their frustrations.  Often people miss the passing score of 75 % just by a few points and must start the process all over again, find a testing center, exam date, wait 30 days to retest and spend money all over again.”
Raquel Shingler:
Raquel is a bilingual virtual moderator and social media manager. She has experience working all over Latin America. She specializes in coordinating bilingual communication in a live virtual setting.  She helps to maintain the flow of the presentation. She is well versed in many platforms and various software apps.